Weekly update 1

I have learnt many things this past few weeks.

I learned never to run “rm -rf” command without checking twice. I lost my drafts of 1st and 2nd week update in an unchecked “rm -rf” command.

Lesson learned - push your drafts to github.

My recent struggle with Arch Linux has made me realize that that one should research clearly and in depth before installing stuff. This can help in saving time. So I finally had the time and the internet speed for installing Arch Linux. I have tried Arch Linux in a VMware installation before this, so I knew how tedious the process can be.

I decided to opt for Antergos. Antergos is basically Arch Linux with a GUI installer. I opted for KDE as my DE in the installation. Due to lack of my research I didn’t know KDE is not a light DE. The primary reason I wanted to move away from Ubuntu was long boot times and it becoming heavy every 6 months due to my experimentations. My boot time with KDE on Antergos is as bad as Ubuntu (about 30 seconds). So obvously I experimented and installed different DE like XFCE, Cinnamon etc. but they didn’t suit what I’m looking for. I want fast boot times and customizability. So finally I have decided to install Arch Linux again taking the hard way rather than using Antergos and using i3WM instead of any desktop environment.

At work, I have got a chance to study security related libraries such as EasyCrypt, Conceal by Facebook, LibSodium, Encryptor4J etc. I recommend AndroidArsenal for finding new libraries and inspiration. I got my project idea while mixing up stuff that I found there. I’m happy to say I remember most of what I learned in my Computer security course. I’ve found some use of method tracing in Android Studio and learned some ADB commands to check the app’s CPU usage via dumpsys or cpuinfo.

Ooh some interesting new tech - I found this tweet. Great Job Intel - making smart glasses that I can actually wear and not look like an idiot.

As for my ears - I’ve been treating them with Radiohead songs like Creep, Paranoid Android, Let Down, Karma Police etc. I feel a strong connect to their songs for some reason. Also lately I’ve been listening to the whole experience of Pink Floyd albums such as - The Wall, Wish you were here and The Dark side of the moon. The way the songs shift and phase into each other is just on another level. If you haven’t listented to the albums in one sitting - you are missing out on a great piece of art.

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