Blogs away!

Hi. This marks the start of my blog using jekyll. I'm a software engineer mostly working in android and java. Read on for finding out what i've been upto and what you can expect from this blog.

A journey to the world of MVP and Loaders ( Part 2)

In this part we deal with the Loader API. We start off understanding the Loader API that was introduced in API 11, it's major classes and interfaces and the functions that we will use. We then move to an implementation of Loader API with the MVP pattern we understood in the last part.

A journey to the world of MVP and Loaders ( Part 1)

This part deals with MVP. It starts with explaining the need of Model-View-Presenter pattern and then moves on to explain the job of each component with an example code. It then goes on to explain an implemenation of MVP pattern in an activity.

Understanding the enigma of RxJava (Part 1)

This post is about RxJava. First objective is to convince you that you need RxJava. Then the objective is to break down RxJava paradigm or Functional Reactive programming into it's two parts - Functional programming and Reactive programming and try to explain what they are using examples. Then finally we will put them together and try to understand Functional Reactive Programming(FRP).